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Jeramie Coleman


Welcome to Freedom Insurance Group, where we believe in delivering unparalleled insurance solutions with a personal touch. As a proud member of our team, Jeramie brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table.

With over six years in the insurance industry, Jeramie has established himself as a trusted expert in both business and life insurance. He holds licenses in Illinois and Iowa.

Jeramie specializes in commercial and personal insurance. His in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience enable him to navigate the complexities of the insurance landscape, ensuring that our clients receive tailored solutions that align with their unique needs.

What sets Jeramie apart is his unwavering dedication to client satisfaction. He understands that insurance is not just about policies; it’s about providing peace of mind and safeguarding what matters most. Jeramie takes the time to listen, analyze, and recommend personalized insurance strategies that align with each client’s goals and aspirations.

Beyond the boardroom, Jeramie is actively involved in the community. He is the president of the non-profit organization, DoBetter Now. He also partners with a variety of professionals to bring financial education to the community, a testament to his commitment to making a positive impact both professionally and personally.

Building lasting relationships is at the core of Freedom Insurance Group. Jeramie looks forward to connecting with you to discuss your insurance needs, answer your questions, and provide the guidance necessary to secure your future.

At Freedom Insurance Group, we are proud to have Jeramie as an integral part of our team, embodying our commitment to excellence and personalized service in the insurance industry.

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